May 2011

May 31, 2011

We’re so excited about this new website, It’s been a crazy four months putting it together, but we did it! The Campaign would like to thank the three agencies who made it possible.

  • The NC Department of Public Health, Women’s Health Branch. They gave us invaluable guidance for the site. Their vision is that this site will function as the flagship preconception health website for the state. To this end, we’ve included lots of information on the State’s Preconception Health Initiatives.
  • The UNC Center for Maternal and Infant Health. Every Woman NC was originally designed and maintained by the Center. Much of their original content is still prevalent on the new site; we’ve just spruced things up and added some new features.
  • March of Dimes. As the fiscal agent and administrator of the NC Preconception Health Campaign, March of Dimes provides significant...

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